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Poshest playhouses (hold on to your wallet!)

La Petite Maison

No, that’s not a picture of my house or even my dream house (although my fantasy digs do include a wrap-around porch.)

This is in fact a playhouse. But not just any playhouse (obviously). It’s a custom-made, built-to-scale furniture filled spot just for tots by a company called La Petite Maison.

In this day and age of $20k birthday parties for the elementary-school set, I know I shouldn’t be shocked they’re playing in special houses that cost more than my car and almost more than my full-size abode. (A $122,000 swingset, anyone?) I wonder if a full-time maid and gardener is included in the price.

Check out this slideshow at MSN of the most elaborate and extravagant of the bunch.

(I couldn't help but giggle that MSN refers readers to another article called "How to Unspoil Your Kids.")

I can’t tell from the photos if there are in-the-ground lagoon pools with waterfalls behind the playhouses, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Sorry, gotta go pick my jaw up now.