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Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans arrested after brutal fight with another woman


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than Amber Portwood and her foul mouth and propensity for violence, we meet Jenelle Evans, a disrespectful, pot-smoking train wreck of a mother. (And as in train wreck, I mean like I can't stop watching.)

So far this season on MTV's Teen Mom 2, Jenelle has stolen her mother's credit cards, gotten fired from her job for not showing up and smoked pot on her mom's front porch. Now she's been arrested after video surfaced on TMZ of her attacking another woman while her friends cheered her on. We're talking a closed-fist punch to the face followed by further facial pummeling. It's harsh and definitely hard to watch. The fight reportedly had something to do with Jenelle's unemployed, pot-smoking boyfriend.
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Listen. I root for these girls. I want them to be OK and for their kids to be loved and have everything they need. I have even been rooting for Jenelle. Yes, her attitude stinks, but I can see she's bright and I cut her some slack because mom Barbara is an obnoxious piece of work, too. It's just painful watching her throw away her life while little Jace watches.

All I can say is thank goodness that Jenelle no longer has custody of Jace. And I hope someone gets this young woman's family some help. Maybe some time in jail will convince her to clean up her act.
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