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Unexpected Parts of Pregnancy


Everyone knows—or at least can easily find out—what to expect when you’re expecting: thicker hair, hard-as-nails nails, fat feet, wider hips, big boobs and waves of morning sickness.

But what about you didn’t expect? There’s a lot they don’t tell you about in the pregnancy books.

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Me? I was in a great mood for 37 weeks, something that didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by my husband. We had both expected me to be a raging hormonal mess. That simply wasn’t the case. The medical community may credit steady hormone levels, but I credit the joy of finally conceiving (twins!) after undergoing in-vitro fertilization. I was really just so happy to be pregnant that nothing was going to bring me down.

CNN recently rounded up some pregnancy surprises from moms, both good and bad, like being unexpectedly ambivalent about a much-wanted pregnancy, to being completely sidelined by pregnancy complications.

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We want to know: What was the most unexpected part of pregnancy for you? Dads, we want to hear the shockers you experienced too. Leave a comment.