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Cringe-worthy Maternity Photos

Hide the kids, and try to imagine your horror at receiving this holiday greeting in your mailbox. I think we can imagine exactly how that pregnancy happened.

I don’t know about you, but I documented every week of my pregnancy with photos. Just simple, bare belly shots—no face, no crotch, no chance of someone who hates me blackmailing me. So I get it: Pregnancy is beautiful. The changes your body is going through are worth celebrating, glorifying and remembering. 

Our office have been laughing our butts off thanks to mom blogger The Pregnant Chicken, who scoured another fave laugh-inducing website, Awkward Family Photos, for the most bizarre, most head-scratching, most OMG pregnancy photos. Check out her other awesomely-awful picks.

My pregnancy-pic advice? Make sure your man is fully dressed, and your handgun is safely packed away. And please, DON’T mail them out as holiday greetings.