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How to Take a Gorgeous Maternity Photo

Last week we shared what NOT to do when taking a maternity photo. But a new photo book titled Ripe recently landed on my desk, and its pages are filled with lush, nude photos of heavily pregnant women celebrating their burgeoning bellies.

I reached out to Ripe photographer Alexa Garbarino to get some tips on how to look the best in your pregnancy photos (and make sure they don’t go viral as a pregnancy photo DON’T on the Internet). Her advice:

1. If you’re going nude, avoid wearing tight clothes that day. Don’t wear bras or undies before the shoot because they leave impression lines.

2. Keep your body long. Arch your back and take a breath, it will give your body an elongated and elegant bearing. If you’re reclining, lift your head away from your shoulders. Sitting poses are the hardest as they hide your belly.

3. Feel beautiful. Because you are, and that will come through in the photograph.