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UK woman gives birth to 15 lb, 7 oz miracle baby


Oh, boy! UK mother Jade King delivered a bouncing baby boy weighing a scale-busting 15 pounds, 7 ounces last month — and this king-sized King wasn’t delivered via C-section. 

PlusBaby Surprises and Shockers

Twice the size of the average infant, baby George King's trip down the birth canal led to some frightening complications.

After his shoulders became stuck during delivery, baby George was left without oxygen for five minutes, giving him only a 10 percent chance of survival. But baby King beat the odds.

PlusBaby’s First Few Weeks

“He’s a little miracle—well, a big miracle, really,” his mother told the BBC.

MRI results reveal that everything is normal. Now 6-weeks-old, baby George has put on another pound since returning from the hospital. He is, his parents report, happy, healthy—and stylish in his sized 3-to-6 months duds.