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One Toddler’s Cute Response to a Real Tiger in the Bathroom


“Did he wash his hands?”

That’s the only question a 3-year-old from Kansas asked her mom after a close bathroom encounter with an escaped tiger on Saturday.

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Jenna Krehbiel and her family were enjoying their first trip to the circus when a 250-pound tiger escaped its enclosure and wandered into the ladies’ room. Circus employees quickly barricaded the large cat in the bathroom, but only blocked off one door.

Unaware of the fugitive feline, Krehbiel left her family to use the restroom through the unblocked door and came face to face with the tiger.

Due to this mama’s training in social work, she remained calm and exited the restroom without disturbing the tiger.

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When she told her family the harrowing tale of the tiger in the potty, Krehbiel’s toddler had an important question about hygiene.

“My daughter wanted to know if it had washed its hands,” said Jenna Krehbiel to AP. “That was her only concern.”

Clearly, this mama taught her toddler the importance of good hygiene.