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Sweet Do-Good Valentine’s Day Idea


Tired of candy hearts and construction paper? There’s a new way your kids can share the Valentine’s Day love — by sending letters to strangers in need.

The U.S. Postal Service has teamed up with More Love Letters for a love-note writing campaign through February 14. Here’s how it works: Read about the people in need of a snail-mail hug by signing up for letter alerts at Write an encouraging letter to one (or more) of them. Send it to More Love Letters, and the organization will repackage the letters and send them as big bundles of love to people in need.

Plus: Teaching Your Kids Charity Toward Others

The letters can be as long or as short — or as colorful — as your kids want. The only guidelines: Letters should not include personal contact information, specific advice or money.

One of the best parts? Kids not only get to help others in need, but they also get to escape the world of Tweets and text messages for a few minutes. Now that we <3!