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With No Doctor Present, Dad Delivers Baby in the Hospital

Last week, David Hererra learned quickly that he did not need the letters “M.D.” after his name to deliver a baby. When the couples' scheduled doctor mysteriously went missing in a West Hills, Texas hospital, Hererra had to take matter into his own hands—literally.

With a little nudge of confidence from his wife and the nurse in the room, David Hererra strapped on gloves and began coaching his wife through their fourth delivery. Just five minutes later their first daughter Isabel was born safe and healthy. The couple later found out that their doctor was called into an emergency delivery. The hospital released a statement saying that labor and delivery nurses are trained to deliver babies when the birth is imminent, but didn't explain why the nurse in this case didn't take the lead.

While sometimes known for fainting in the delivery room, this dad proved men can stay calm under pressure! Watch the new mom and dad tell their amazing story: