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Road Rage... with a Dirty Diaper (Ugh!)


This past week was all about defiant and, admittedly, hilarious on-the-job rage, which I secretly snicker at in understanding. (See the Jet Blue flight attendant who lost it last Friday after an argument with a passenger, deploying the emergency slide on the runway and sliding off the job—after grabbing “at least one” beer, according to the AP article.)

Now we have proof positive that moms are not immune to the emotional outbursts either. A Pennsylvania woman, Jessica Hollis, was stuck in traffic last Saturday after leaving the Fayette County Fair. She got into it with the driver in front of her, then used a unique, um, mom-weapon to get her point across: She wiped a dirty diaper across the driver’s back windshield, according to that AP article

Completely out of line, yes. Disgusting, definitely. But don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about your own acts of mommy road rage.