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23-Year-Old Becomes World's Youngest Grandmother

James Tse

At 23, I was still in college, partying on Tuesday nights and flitting in and out of classes during the day. What were you doing? Even if you had a child, you definitely didn't have a grandchild, like 23-year-old Rifca Stanescu of Romania, who is said to be the world's youngest grandmother. (Although, according to Wikipedia, the youngest grandmother was 17-year-old Mum-Zi of Nigeria.)
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Rifca eloped when she was 11 in fear of being forced into marriage by her father, gave birth to daughter Maria at age 12. Now 11-year-old Maria has given birth to baby Nicolae after marrying last year. Rifca says she's glad to be a grandma, but had wished more for Maria.
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I just hope the two young moms have lots of support; it's going to be a challenging road ahead for all three generations. And I hope Nicolae breaks the cycle and waits until he's an adult to be a parent. I was about to suggest someone send him some clips of Teen Mom, but he will probably get a taste of teen mom chaos in his own home.
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