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25-Year-Old Woman Sues Doctor Who Delivered Her


An Australian woman, Halina Jane Gillett, is suing obstetrician Professor Jeffrey Robinson, the doctor who delivered her 25 years ago.

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Gillett claims that when she was born in a Newcastle, Australia hospital in 1985, Robinson denied her mother, Marilyn Benson-Inglis, a c-section. Benson-Inglis had been concerned because her pregnancy with Gillett was "much bigger" than her previous three pregnancies. Robinson ended up doing a forceps delivery, something Gillett blames for her erb's palsy, or paralysis of the arm that is often caused by difficult births.

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So 25 years after their first introduction, Gillett and Robinson will meet again—this time in the Australian Supreme Court.

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Do you think Gillett has the right to sue? Do you think something like this would happen today, a time when c-sections are on the rise—or maybe that cases like this are part of why doctors opt more readily to do c-sections?