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5-Year-Old Brings Gun to School


Do you know what your kids are bringing to school? A 5-year-old boy brought a loaded .22-caliber handgun to his pre-kindergarten class in Florida, and police are trying to figure out how he got his hands on it. The teacher alerted school security and police after the gun fell out of his pocket. It was quickly determined that the boy was not a threat to the school, as he hadn't shown the gun to anyone or made any threats. However, he's still considered a suspect in the case. 

But he's also a victim. How does a pre-kindergartener get a gun anyway? He told authorities he found it in his stepfather's car while he was getting a ride to school. Now the student is suspended and barred from school grounds while the state's Department of Children and Families look into whether this is a case of adult negligence. Though nobody was hurt this time, it could have been much worse. I'm not sure how this could not be a case of adult negligence. 

In the wake of the Tucson shooting, the gun that just last week went off in a California teen's backpack, injuring 2, and other recent tragedies, it's not surprising that in coming months the White House will push for stricter gun laws

What do you think we can do to stop incidents like this from happening? Do you own a gun? How do you make sure if never ends up in your child’s hands?