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9 Things You Should Know About the New Health Reform


Six months ago, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, aka, the Healthcare Bill, and today, some of those reforms will become law. Here are some benefits that could affect you and your kids: 

Starting today:

For any insurance plan that goes into effect after today: 

  • Your insurance company must pay for preventive care. This means you could gain easier access to vaccines for diseases like measles or meningitis; flu and pneumonia shots; counseling, screening and vaccines for healthy pregnancies; and regular well-baby and well-child visits from birth to age 21.
  • You have the right to appeal decisions, including claims denials and rescissions, made by your health plan. 
  • You can choose your doctor
  • You no longer need a referral from a primary care provider before you can seek coverage for OB-GYN care from a participating OB-GYN specialist.
  • You can use the nearest emergency room without paying extra or having to get prior approval. 

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