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Amber Alerts to be Shared on Facebook

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Proving it's more than just Farmville, photo sharing, and TMI status updates, Facebook has teamed up with law enforcement to issue alerts on child-abduction cases, becoming an emergency broadcast system in social media. 

Users can now "like" the Facebook Amber Alert page for their state (for example, the New York page is to receive alerts in their news feed when there is a missing child in their area. 

This isn't a brand new idea—MySpace used to have an Amber Alert app, and there are several Twitter accounts dedicated to the cause. But neither have the colossal reach of Facebook, which has more than 500 million users. (That's pretty much everyone and their mother. Literally.) 

Unlike the radio, TV or highway version, people have to opt in to get Amber Alerts. Chris Sonderby, the lead security and investigations counsel for Facebook, explained that they wanted this to be something people chose to see in their feeds. 

Here's hoping people sign up! Will you?