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The Anti-Baby Mama Campaign: Should Moms Be Married?

Dereje Belachew for Veer

JayVon Muhammad, a midwife from South Carolina, speaks out against single moms on her site, calling the increase in single motherhood the "Baby Mama Epidemic." Her message is clear: "Being a Baby Mama" is NOT normal." And "Having a spouse to love, care, and provide for you allows you to take your rightful place in the home. The feminine role! The role of wife, mother, first teacher, first nurse." Plus: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child: The Single Mom Take

She claims the media is to blame for normalizing single moms, and she's launched a campaign to "dispel the lie." She's specifically aiming her efforts toward the black community, where she says 70% of babies are born to unwed mothers, but I suppose any unmarried mama is suspect in her eyes. Plus: The Single Parent Handbook

According to her site, “Being Married is WHAT’s UP!” And while a healthy marriage can provide more stability for a child, isn’t it hard to lump all single moms (teens vs. adults, planned vs. unplanned, completely solo vs. in a committed relationship) into one group? And do single moms, some doing the best they can after having been abandoned by their partners, need to be made to feel even worse about their situation?

Muhammad does, for the record, offer money and emotional support to pregnant women who are "homeless, unemployed, heart-broken, or embarrassed because their relationship has fallen apart, and now they are pregnant and left to raise a child alone" – with a side order of guilt. Plus: The Married Single Mom

What do you think? Do all kids need married parents? Is there a Baby Mama Epidemic?