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Are Toy Dolls Getting Too Sexy?

Troll dolls are not supposed to be sexy. And horses do not need to wear high heels. But anyone buying toys for girls in recent years has noticed that dolls are getting saucier and saucier. 

It's especially tough when parents are trying to send positive messages to their daughters about their bodies, and in every toy aisle they see made-up faces, short skirts, and flirtatious poses. It's easy to see how young girls would get the idea that it’s the norm to look like a Bratz Doll, Fashionista Barbie, or (good Lord) even the new-and-improved, trendy Holly Hobbie, who has traded in her prairie dress for a more modern look. Remember when little girls could just be little girls?
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This slideshow from Today Parenting was amusing at first, but I was depressed by the end. Most disturbing: the new version of Troll Dolls, now called Trollz, who have traded in their iconic squat bodies for shirt skirts, makeup, and fashioned up-dos.  
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But as a defender of all that is Disney, I don't see why Tinkerbell was in this slideshow. Tinkerbell has always been saucy—she was actually modeled after Marilyn Monroe! Somebody just needs to tell the troll, horse and prairie dolls that Tink's look isn't for everyone.  Plus: Disney World Attracts for Kids and Adults 

But that's just what I think. What do you think? Are all of these toys out of control (even Tinkerbell and her fairy friends)? Or would you buy these things for your daughters? Plus: The Best Parenting Inventions