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Baseball Player Criticized for Missing Game to Attend His Child’s Birth

Alexandra Grablewski

Colby Lewis was the first-ever major league baseball player to cash in on the MLB's new paternity leave policy, which allows 24 to 72 hours off for new dads, and I think that is great!

But not everyone agrees. Lewis was criticized by journalist Richie Whitt at the Dallas Observer for missing an important game for the birth of his second child. Whitt referred to the leave as a “ludicrous” and unwarranted since he was merely “saying hello to someone you'll see for the rest of your life." He was extra upset because it was the couple's second child and not first. Because after the first it's just pretty much whatever.

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I do not get the baseball thing, but c'mon, guys. How could anyone think the birth of a child is less important than a win? Even a super big win? I think it's great the MLB has paternity leave, and that Lewis took advantage of it (although, like maternity leave in this country, it still seems a bit skimpy to me.)

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Dads, did you take time off when your kids were born? 

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