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Bratz Are Back

It seemed like the Bratz dolls were gone for good, when legal disputes between the toys' manufacturer, MGA, and Mattel halted the toys' production in 2008. But when a federal appeals court overturned the 2008 ruling and ordered a retrial in July, MGA Chief Executive Isaac Larian released a new line of dolls, reincarnated in a less suggestive version than their previous models. 

The girls -- Sasha, Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin -- are still dressed to impress in trendier-than-Barbie outfits, but they have been toned down significantly. Past days saw Yasmin strutting around in a skimpy gold swimsuit with crisscrossing pink ribbons, but now she wears a pink baby-doll top and grey leggings, and a preppy-looking jacket with black boots. There’s a lot less exposed skin, and she's also got smaller earrings and lips. 

But does that mean the controversial brand will survive? Retailers don't like to play with fire when it comes to shelf space for toys, and according to the L.A. Times many have asked for "significant concessions" from Larian to make shelf space available for the line. Parents who weren't already turned off by the controversial dolls may have moved on. But the thing that might revive Bratz may be what kept them alive in the first place: little girls love them, and they speak especially to girls who want dolls but think Barbie is too old-fashioned. 

Would you buy the dolls for your girls, now that we can't see their belly buttons? 

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