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Is Breastfeeding the Best Diet Ever?

"Burn 500 calories a day!" "I lost 40 pounds!" No, this isn't a Jenny Craig commercial, it's an ad for breastfeeding from the New York State Department of Health WIC.

We think it's a creative way to promote breastfeeding, and the parody totally made us laugh. But is it true? The way it's being advertised here, it sounds like a miracle diet that will help new moms shed the pounds without lifting a finger (just your shirt). But a quick poll of moms in the office was mixed; some found the weight came right off with nursing, other found the miracle diet less than miraculous as far as shedding postpartum pounds. Jennifer Garner has also spoken about how she was thought it would be “the best diet in the world, and it just wasn’t.”

Did you lose or hold on to weight when you were breastfeeding?