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Is Cheerleading Inappropriate for Little Girls?


We know it's pretty standard for adult cheerleaders to shake their booties in tiny skirts and yell cheers that might make Grandma blush, but is it still acceptable when the cheerleaders are little girls? 

When Michigan mom Jennifer Tesch heard 6-year-old daughter Kennedy's practicing her new cheer for her squad, the Wolverines, "Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right," she was disturbed, and complained to the general manager, claiming the words were too risqué.

Tesch was told that the squad had had the same cheer for years and that "you can either have your daughter sit out or that's it."

So she took her issue to the head of the association, who claimed they do not mandate cheers and to take it up with the general manager. Tesch was getting nowhere. But it wasn't until the association insinuated that she and her husband were "perverse for thinking it was incorrect and inappropriate" that she got mad enough to approach the media, which alerted the board to the story and led to Kennedy being kicked off the team all together. 

Does anyone have daughters on cheerleading quads? What is and what is not appropriate for 6-year-old cheerleaders? Would you have complained about the references to booty shaking?