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Couple Aborts Twin Boys Because They Only Want a Daughter


An Australian couple, whose first daughter died in infancy, are so desperate for another baby girl they're taking the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to court for the chance to employ sex-selective IVF. This is after an independent bioethics panel rejected their request for pre-implantation sex selection in favor of a girl, because in Australia, sex selection in IVF is only allowed as preventative measure for genetic diseases or abnormalities. They've already aborted twin boys because after the death of their daughter, the (unnamed) woman feels "obsessed with having a daughter and it has become vital to her psychological health." The couple already has three sons. 

I can’t imagine the tragedy of losing a baby daughter, and IVF is a personal decision I'm glad women have the freedom to make, but sex selection seems like a slippery slope. However, it might be better than the terminate-until-you-get-what-you-want method. The decision affects other Victorian citizens, since IVF is subsidized there. I imagine if the Tribunal says no, they may very well come to the US, where the procedure is allowed. 

Do you think the couple should be able to choose a girl?