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Dadelor Parties: Dad's Last Chance to Party Before Baby

Yuri Arcurs for Veer

Lots of men have a crazy night out for their bachelor party before they get married. But here's something new: dads having a second bachelor party-esque night out before their first child is born, aka a dadelor party. Strippers aren't invited, but the theme is usually all day bar-hopping, sporting events, gambling, and more drinking, often on a destination weekend. The attitude is to "have one more night where responsible decisions don’t matter," David Hellman, a medical device sales manager from Chicago who’s planning a dadelor party for a friend, told the Huffington Post in a story about the new phenomenon.

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Brian Podvia, 28, who owns the JetSetPilot travel agency in Philadelphia, says he's noticed an increase in bookings for dadelor parties (also called "dadchelor" parties or "daddymoons"). "At the end of the day, it's the last time to see your friends before you have responsibilities with the baby," he said.

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But why is this happening now? I bet your dad didn't have a dadelor party. According to editor Carley Roney, it's a reaction to men's increased involvement in parenting, which is making them more overwhelmed than dads of yesteryear. Dads are also foreseeing days of sexless, sleepless nights and weary days where their wife is too involved with the baby to pay attention to them. "The picture of parenthood that's been painted is so dire, it seems like you do need a last night of freedom," Roney said. And since the age of first parents has been steadily increasing, dads are more used to a childless life, so giving up Saturday morning sleep-ins or guys night out seems like a huge culture shock. 

What do you think: do dads-to-be deserve a dadelor party? Did your guy have one?

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