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Do You Tell Little White Lies About Being a Mom?

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While it's no surprise to us, the BBC is reporting that moms lie to other moms about things like how much TV they let their kids watch or how often they serve junk food.

Now the Netmums website is launching a Real Parenting Revolution, or a more honest approach to ‘fessing up about how much you sleep, how long your kids play video games, and what you’re cooking for dinner. The pressure moms face, they say, comes not from celeb moms who seem to have it all, but moms from their own neighborhoods—and themselves.

"You're in competition with no-one but yourself—all you can do is the best for you and your kid," said psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, who wants parents to stop comparing themselves to others. But that's easier said than done, since many of us are in the habit of telling little white lies to strangers, our friends, our parents, our husbands, and even our doctors.

But here’s the good news: Our own Kitty O'Callaghan says those little fibs can be healthy:

In most cases, though, a few lies here and there may help you ease the transition into parenthood. In those first few sleepless months, when you feel more like a soldier at battle than a new parent, "it's easier to lie than to fight," one mom told us. "When the whole world wants to tell you how to raise your child, lying can feel like your only defense mechanism."

Do you find yourself telling fibs about how your parent? Anybody have any lies they'd like to get off their chest now?

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