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Does a C-Section Make Your Baby Fat?


Researchers may have discovered another contributing factor to the obesity epidemic! And it’s... c-sections?

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A new study from Brazil has found that babies born via cesarean are more likely to be obese when they're adults. Tracking more than 2,000 23- to 25-year-olds, 15 percent of those delivered via C-section were obese compared to 10 percent of those born vaginally. Doctors say it's possible that these babies are denied certain bacteria found in the birth canal, making it harder for their digestive tracts to pick up microbes important for their metabolism. 

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What the study doesn't do is take into consideration the mother's weight, a key omission since obese moms are more likely to have c-sections in the first place and more likely to have heavier kids.

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To blame obesity on c-sections seems like a pretty big jump to me, but with the US c-section rate so high (33%), it seems something worth investigating. What do you think: could there be a strong connection between birth by c-section and a weight problem later in life?