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Family Camps Out for 6 Days for Black Friday Bargains

Just how far are you willing to go for a good bargain?

Windy Lawrence could probably beat you at that game. She pitched a tent with her mother and young daughter in a Mesquite, Texas Best Buy parking lot on Sunday so she can be first in line for the Black Friday deals, five days early (opting for an in-tent Thanksgiving), reports FOX 4

Texas Family Camps 6 Days Early for Black Friday:

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Lawrence says she's learned from the past.

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"Last year we came and didn't get anything we wanted. So we decided to come early this year so we can be sure to be the first ones to get in the door," she said, adding she really has her eye on a 47-inch television that will cost $199 on Friday. 

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Though Lawrence is an extremely early bird, she'll likely be joined by other Black Friday-ers, as shoppers get ready for the holiday earlier and earlier every year. 

So is it worth it? Would you camp out for six days to be first in line for Black Friday deals? How far would you go (with kids in tow) for a good deal?