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Find Out the Sex of Your Baby… in a Cake

We love cake, and we know that pregnant women really love cake. But have you heard of the mysterious trend of combining cakes with baby gender reveals? 

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I'm talking about Gender Cake Parties. Have you heard? A couple hands over the ultrasound tech's report with the news of their baby’s sex to the local bakery, invites a bunch of people over, and cuts open the cake to find either a pink or blue inside--a surprise for everyone!

Personally, I think it's sort of odd. I don't think I'd want the lady at the Giant Eagle bakery finding out the sex of my baby before I did. I also find it a somewhat personal discovery, not one I’d necessarily want to share with a big group of onlookers. And then, thinking about expectant parents who really, really want a daughter but find out they’re getting a son, for example… Shudder. That just seems like an awkward moment for everyone. But maybe that’s just me. Eh, if you're looking for an excuse to eat cake, or get psyched about the baby, or both, then I say, let's Gender Cake Party! 

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And, oh—speaking of cakes, check out this amazing slideshow we launched today of Baby Shower Cakes. They are stunning! And we offer up easy-to-follow instructions, so you can whip one up and seem like a shower cake superhero, which everyone wants to be, natch. 

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Would you host a Gender Cake Party? How did you find out the sex of your baby? How did you share the news?