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Fun Family Tradition: Ugly Christmas Sweaters


I recently caught some pictures of Ashlee Simpson and her family donning ugly-cute Christmas sweaters at an Old Navy event, and it made me miss my family in Ohio. Last month my mom sent me some Christmas sweaters that are so tacky, they go way past bad and back to awesome. My personal favorite is an off-white number with Jesus & Co. in the manger. (The wise men are wearing fabulous sparkly pink, purple and teal outfits.) I wore it today because tonight, back in Ohio, my mom is hosting a terrible Christmas sweater party (she borrowed my black and gold candy cane-madness sweater), so although the miles separate us, our fugly sweater tradition brings us together. And that is what Christmas is all about. 

Does anybody else have an awesome/terrible Christmas sweater family tradition? Can you top the ones we've rounded up in our Christmas Sweater Hall of Shame?