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Get a Text From Santa!


We used to get hand-written notes from Santa, but it's 2010 and now Santa is texting. And let's be real-- if he wasn't, kids probably wouldn’t believe he was real. I mean please—who doesn't have a mobile device these days?! 

This Texts from Santa website will send your kid a single text, written by you or picked by a handful of customized messages. Here’s a sample: 

"Justin my silly elves lost my list of good boys&girls Mrs Claus told me ur on the good list so I wont forget 2 stop n New York 2 dlvr ur gifts luv Santa" 

For $3.99, it's a pretty cheap way to make the holiday season a little more magical for your kid. And you can get that good feeling of Christmas giving, since a dollar goes straight to the March of Dimes. 

I'll admit it's cool that the man in the red suit has gotten so text savvy, but part of me longs for the idea of the old-fashioned, cell phone-free Santa from my childhood, the one who wears the same red outfit year after year and consumes an unhealthy amount of milk and cookies. But I still might send a Santa Text to my boyfriend. It seems fitting, since I know he wants Transformer toys for Xmas. 

Check out the site, even if it's just for fun, then make sure Santa delivers with our totally awesome gift guides (we've even got fun gifts for you!)