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Girl Finds Naughty Message on Candy Heart

Photo by Flickr user Katiescrapbooklady (CC Licensed)

I read my conversation hearts very carefully each Valentine's Day, making sure to soak up all the flattering 5-9 letter phrases. "I do rock," I tell myself. "I am an angel." But I definitely would be taken aback if I stumbled upon one that said "NICE T*TS", (only without the asterick) as did 12-year-old Ciara Bush. Ciara brought the candy to her dad, Derrick Deanda, who had purchased the candy at a discount store in North Highlands, California and was admittedly stunned. 

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Deanda e-mailed the candy maker, who asked him to mail the candy and the entire bag back so they could investigate. Apparently there was a mix up at the factory, and the friendly, G-rated conversation hearts, got mixed with the lewd, adult kind. 

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Deanda says he won't sue and that he only wants to warn other parents. "I wanted to bring it to everybody's attention," said Deanda, "Watch what you get." 

On the plus side, this is a Valentine's Day young Ciara will remember forever.