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Has Your Kid Hugged Her iPod Today?

The biggest problem faced by plush toys today? A lack of brainpower. No wonder the little ones are always begging for your iPhone. Thanks to the Woogie iPhone Case, you can now combine the cuddliness of a stuffed animal with the brilliance of a smartphone to create one amazing super toy. The Woogie features a transparent, touch-sensitive holding case at its center along with a built-in speaker to amp up the fun.

This video shows a little girl running and playing with her iPod (wrapped in the Woogie, of course) like it's her new BFF. Sure, we let our kids play with our smart devices sometimes, but it's a bit off-putting to see a little girl hugging a cell phone. Maybe plush toys and iPhone apps should be separate... Then again, maybe the Woogie is just the cushion-y insurance policy we need for our iPhones in the hands of our butter-fingered kids.

What do you think? Would you buy this for your child, or does it seem nuts? Vote here!