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Johnny Depp Responds to His (Tiny) Fan Mail

9-year-old Beatrice Delap wrote a  letter to Johnny Depp asking him to come to her school as Jack Sparrow and aid in staging a mutiny against her teachers. Silly, Beatrice, celebrities don't have time for mutinies, right? Right?

Well, Depp actually showed up to the London school, eyeliner and all. Ten minutes before his arrival, the school was notified that he was on his way and that two blacked-out cars would be sweeping through the school gates.

In front of the kids, he asked Beatrice to step forward and gave her a hug, saying that that "maybe we shouldn't mutiny today, 'cause there are police outside monitoring me." The star is in south-east London filming the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie On Stranger Tides.

Depp has also made clandestine Jack Sparrow visits to the Great Ormond Street Hospital (and donated a million euro), where he reads bedtime stories to sick kids in the wards. It's in gratitude -- in 2007, his 8-year-old daughter Lily-Rose was treated at Great Ormond when her kidneys failed.

Yay to kind and charitable celebrities! Yay to great dads! My only problem with this story is that I'm terribly jealous of little Beatrice -- why didn't I think of that? 

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