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Kid Photographed Every Day for 10 Years

We love this amazing photo-a-day time-lapse montage, documenting little Natalie from infancy to tweenhood. It’s cool to see her hair come in, her baby teeth fall out, and her face go from cherubic to lovely.

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What's most interesting, if you ask me, is the comments on YouTube. Some parents applaud the idea ("Natalie is turning out beautiful. You should be very proud of your daughter."), while others think it's dumb ("These parents have no life" and "Ten years, my @$$. They skipped two days. I counted.")

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And then there's my favorite comment: "Is anyone else a bit? concerned that she's wearing the same shirt for 10 years?" 

I'm not concerned (white shirt was for consistency, I think), but are you thinking what I'm thinking? That girl looked a little too old to have that pacifier.

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