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Kids Banned from Sitting on Santa's Lap


For many kids, sitting on Santa's lap is a no-brainer. I mean, how else is he supposed to know what you want for Christmas? But this year some kids in Britain are going to have to come up with an alternate plan, reports The Telegraph. According to the National Association of Head Teachers, volunteer parents who dress up as Father Christmas have been told to avoid all physical contact with children, which of course excludes lap-sitting. 

“Santas in schools should be treated in the same way that other visitors to the school are managed," a spokesman for the Department of Education stated.

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The Brits seem to be exercising extreme caution in the face of the recent reports of sex abuse surging in the news, which is understandable. But part of me wishes we could just put our guard down—on Christmas, with Santa Claus—if there are responsible adults around. What's next on the Santa crackdown agenda? Refusing his gifted sweets in fear of poisoning? 

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What do you think? Is a ban on sitting on Santa's lap going too far, or as a parent, would it make you more comfortable?