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Luvs Poop Commercial: TMI or Hilarious?

I understand that sometimes you find yourself changing in ways you never imagined once you become a mom. For instance, you become totally down with talking about baby poop. I'm not a mom, but I get it. You have one or two diaper blowouts, and suddenly your life is ruled by #2. And while it’s totally disgusting, it’s also kind of funny. 

Luvs seems to think so. Their new commercial turns poop explosions into a So You Think You Can Dance-esque baby crap competition, set to Whoomp! (Poop) There It Is. The animation is kind of cute, but I just can't find babies filling their diapers funny. Yes, babies poop, and yes, diapers are built to hold all that stuff in. But I don't want to watch it go down while I'm on the couch, eating Cheez-Its, and watching my stories! 

So I'm not into it. But how about you, moms? Do you find it funny, and a bit of comic relief after this morning's epic poop explosion? Or has Luvs crossed the line into poor taste?