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Mom Sues Preschool for Hurting Daughter's Ivy League Chances


Preschool is usually a great time for learning how to count, play with others, and cut with scissors, but can it be a springboard to Yale? New York City mom Nicole Imprescia thinks so.

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She's convinced that her daughter Lucia's $19,000 preschool was sub-par and that it threatened her little one's academic career. Apparently after three weeks at the school, four-year-old Lucia was bored learning about shapes and colors with two-year-olds. Lucia’s was yanked and enrolled at another school, but her mom wants the $19,000 for tuition back and is seeking class-action status for other children who received inadequate preparation for the E.R.B., the standardized test that determines whether or not kids will get into the "right" private school, which in turn, might lead to acceptance from an Ivy League.

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Imprescia may have reason to be upset if her $19,000 really is non-refundable, and if the school was not meeting her daughter’s needs by having her in a mixed-age class. But putting the Ivy League pressure on a four-year-old seems a bit much.

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What do you think? Does Imprescia deserve her money back?