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Moms Admit They Criticize Daughters More Than Sons


Little girls may be sugar, spice and everything nice, but according to a new survey from Netmums, they’re also scapegoats. Mothers are harder on daughters than sons -- a whopping 88% of the 2,500 moms surveyed admitted. When asked to describe their kids, boys were called funny, playful, and loving, while girls were labeled argumentative, eager to please, and serious.

We've talked about which sex is harder to raise, and have concluded ... absolutely nothing. Boys are often harder to discipline, keep safe, and adjust into school, while girls usually have more problems with self-esteem and communication in later years. Pick your poison, but neither sounds exactly easy. What's the reason for the sharp contrast in how we deal with one sex versus the other?

Crissy Duff, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Netmums Parent Supporter, says:

“Women in particular seem to carry the feelings of parental disapproval and negative typing into their adulthood. The experience of receiving more negative reinforcements for stepping out of line than their male counterparts can lead women to view themselves as more needing of censure. This could be why women tend to be more self-critical than men, who often have a more happy-go-lucky attitude when it comes to making mistakes and moving past them.” 

This analysis seems a bit harsh to me. If we are more critical, maybe it's because we know what it's like to be a girl and we can get a better handle of what our daughters are going through. We may be less sure how to push sons, which makes us more lax.

But I'm no doctor (or a mom). What do you think? Are moms harder on daughters than sons?