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New Trend: Babies Doing Sports

Jon Whittle

Have you worked out today? Has your baby? According to the New York Times, baby sport DVDs and programs are on the rise, with companies like athleticBaby, Baby Goes Pro, and Gymtrix popping up all over the country. In these videos and classes, babies are introduced to sports like soccer and golf. While some parents may hope to turn their child into athletic prodigies, the programs instead emphasize getting out in front of the childhood obesity problem, making sports part of daily life from the get-go. 

The Times talked to Dr. Lyle Micheli, an orthopedic surgeon and founder of the first pediatric sports medicine clinic on the United States at Children's Hospital in Boston, and he says that he doubts training babies will accelerate their coordination, and he even worries about injuries. The article sort of suggests the fitness activities are preparing youngsters for lives of professional athleticism. They also interviewed Bob Bigelow, a former NBA player, who said, 

“This is Baby Mozart stuff; you play Mozart for the baby in utero and it comes out some sort of fine arts major. “There are millions of American parents worried to death that their children might fall behind somebody else’s kid. So the emphasis in youth sports has become more, more, more, younger, younger, younger.” 

My view: Some of us aren't that naturally athletic and could have used an early start in the sports department. And non-athletic parents may still want to give their kids exposure to sports. Plus, these programs sound fun! What's the harm? Would you sign your kids up for one of these sports programs? 

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