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Octomom Is Disgusted By Your Baby


Caught you red-handed, Nadya Suleman! Earlier this month on the TODAY Show, Suleman, mom of 14, denied expressing disgust for babies in an In Touch interview and suggested she might take legal action against the magazine. But, as it turns out, her admission was actually caught on tape.

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In the recording, the freelance reporter asks, "If you had the ability and the money to have more children, would you?"

Suleman responds:

No. I cringe, and I'm not kidding, when I hear a baby cry and I'm outside. I do not like babies. I do not. It's also very hard for me to bond. I bond with my six — the first six I had... But I'm starting to have my own little hypotheses that when a woman has a tremendous amount — a big litter — I think I think something happens in the brain which prevents them from being able to bond. I'm disgusted by babies, and I'm so sorry, I'm just being honest. They make me sick. I couldn't even imagine -– I don't even look at them. I have to look the other way.

Listen for yourself.

When asked if her own babies make her sick she said no, adding: 

These are my children. I am actually becoming – because the nannies are gone. ... I am forcing myself to do absolutely everything, with that said, I am bonding with them, so that is occurring naturally.

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Her rep is still saying she never gave an interview with In Touch, which means she probably didn't know her words were being recorded, or that they'd come back to haunt her someday. And to clarify: other people's babies disgust her, not her own. 

What’s your take? Are you surprised that this woman who actively sought to have so many kids via IVF now admits to being disgusted by babies?  

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