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Pageant Mom Dresses 2-Year-Old in Madonna-Inspired Cone Bra

CNN recently showcased 2-year-old Mia for the fashion statement she made in a recent episode of TLC’s Toddler and Tiaras. HLN's Vinnie Politan commented that when pictures of the little beauty queen in her Madonna costume, golden cone bra and all, flashed on the screen "everyone kind of went 'awwww' in the newsroom."

"Awwww" was not my first reaction. In fact, I think that if Mia was my little girl, I would be uncomfortable with the idea of Vinnie Politan and his news crew seeing my baby girl in a hyper-sexualized fashion like that one. I wouldn’t even want him using my daughter's name and the words "cone bra" in the same sentence.

"It was never a thought in my mind that it was too risky," Mia's mom, Tina, said on HLN. "Had she been a little older, like 10 or something, yeah, I might think it’s a little inappropriate, but it's really meant to be funny. I've seen worse costumes at Halloween."'s Rene Syler, also interviewed for the segment, said: "Halloween is one night a year. You're not out there for everyone to clap and cheer and gyrate your hips in an inappropriate fashion. These girls look like they're 30 and they're doing things that make them look like grown woman."

What the video and tell us what you think? Is the 2-year-old in a cone bra funny or totally inappropriate?