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Pennsylvania Restaurant Bans Kids, Offends Parents Everywhere


McDain's Restaurant & Golf Center, just outside of Pittsburgh, may have just won the award for America's least kid-friendly restaurant—owner Mike Vuick has banned kids under the age of six from dining there. No exceptions. 

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"You know, their child—maybe as it should be—is the center of their universe. But they don't realize it's not the center of the universe," he told TV station WTAE. Parents are obviously fuming.   

It's certainly a very polarizing policy, but the fact that he's willing to make such a bold business decision should tell us something. I'm sure he doesn't want to exclude tiny diners and their entire families (even if it's for the pure fact that he wants their money), but he must have dealt with his fair share of misbehaved kids. 

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The Stir's Julie Ryan Evans is furious, writing in her blog post Rude Restaurant Bans Kids Under Six that it's discrimination, plain and simple. "It's not even like his restaurant is all that fancy anyway—it's like vinyl seats and cheap tables. We not talking Chez Panisse here." Who cares? Who said it had to be fancy? It's his restaurant, his rules. God bless America. 

"I wouldn't even want to eat in a restaurant run by someone with an attitude like that," Ryan Evans goes on to say. And I actually think that is a great attitude. Don't go if you don't like it. There are lots of other restaurants that welcome kids with open arms, kiddie menus, booster seats and all. And if you ever get a date night with your husband and want to escape everything child-related, McDain's doors will be open to you. Because even if your kids are perfect angels, don't you, every so often, dream of a kid-free meal? 

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Or do you think Mike Vuick is just rude, rude, rude?