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Is Pole Dancing Ever Okay for Kids?


The title of this Daily Mail article pretty much says it all: Outrage as girls as young as SEVEN are given pole dancing lessons - and pictures are posted on gym's Facebook page. The British gym in question, JLN Pole Fitness, is taking some heat from concerned parents who worry about the sexualization of young girls and online safety. But the instructors insist there is nothing sexual about their pole dancing classes and that they're more like gymnastics. Some moms don't see the big whoop, either. 

"If she was doing gymnastics in a leotard or at a swimming gala in a costume, anyone could be watching and people don't complain about that," one mom said. 

Plus: Pole Dancing Tweens

Obviously, the problem stems from the fact that pole dancing is often associated with stripping, and of course, sex. But the girls aren't learning to strip, some parents say, they're doing a workout that just happens to be, er, on a pole.   

Plus: Pole Dancing for Toddlers

That doesn't mean I can picture myself dropping off my daughter at a pole dancing class. "Where's your daughter?" "Oh, she's at her pole dancing class." "What are you doing this weekend?" "I'm going to go to my daughter's pole dancing competition." Something doesn't feel quite right about it. 

What if we changed the name? "Where's your daughter?" "Oh, she's at her aerial gymnastics class." "What are you doing this weekend?" "I'm going to go to my daughter's aerial gymnastics competition." Is that better?

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What do you think? Would you ever let your daughter do "aerial gymnastics"? Or is working out on a pole just something that's not appropriate for kids—and definitely not to be shared in photos online?