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Popular Restaurants Accidentally Serve Babies Alcohol


Before we even got a chance to report on the baby who was given alcohol at Applebee’s, we got word of another babies-getting-served incident. It's a drunk baby epidemic! 

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The Applebee's incident occurred in Madison Heights, Michigan when Taylor Dill-Reese's 15-month-old son was served alcoholic margarita mix instead of apple juice in his sippy cup. The boy was taken to the hospital where his mom learned his blood alcohol level was .10, which is over the legal limit for an adult driver. A manager has since apologized to the family but didn't know what else to do. Margaritas on the house! (Just kidding.) 

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A toddler in central Florida got "a little tipsy" when a waiter accidentally served him "Tropical Sangria" at an Olive Garden. He drank most of what was in his plastic cup when a waiter informed his mom that "there's been a mistake, I need to get you a new orange juice" and then "kind of scurried away." When she asked what was in the cup, she was told Tropical Sangria, a mixed drink of orange juice, pineapple juice and white wine. (That's one kind of bottle babies don't need to be hitting.) 

The manager, she said, was sympathetic but had no real explanation as to why it happened. 

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She also says her son was acting strangely and was "visibly drunk." He checked out okay at the hospital—phew! But let's hope this doesn't happen again. 

What would you do if your baby was served booze? How do you think the manager should have responded?