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Pregnant Teen Pepper-Sprays Bullies, Gets Arrested With Mother


Sadly, not only has bullying remained in the headlines as of late, with kids making the news for cruel and vicious acts toward their peers, but a handful of parents have also been in the spotlight—for joining in the bullying instead of standing up against it, or for overly aggressive acts in defense of their kids. In one such case, Bronx mom Tracy Morales and her 17-year-old pregnant daughter Clerissa Loucks were both arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon last week after the teen pepper-sprayed two girls she said were bullying her, using a canister that her mother had given her. 

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"I'd give her the mace again," Morales told NBC New York. Ironically, the alleged bullies were on their way to a joint mediation session with Loucks (apparently following an earlier attack by the girls on her in the school cafeteria) when the attack occurred. They had to be sent to the hospital for treatment.

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Loucks claims the officers were too rough when arresting her and showed the TV camera bruises she claims she got from the incident. "They got really, really physical. They slammed me on the floor, had me face down on my stomach and sat on top of me," she says. The NYPD denies it.

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Morales, who has been previously found guilty of grand theft auto and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and was convicted of conduct detrimental to a child twice, says she had to give Loucks protection because she's four months pregnant and needed to defend herself from the other girls' threats.

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Obviously it's against the law to send your kid to school with a weapon, but it justifiable in any way that Morales sent her daughter to school with protection if she felt threatened? How do you think the school should handle the incident?