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Relief After Miscarriage: An Almost-Dad Confession

Fred Jala on Flickr

In a candid piece in Men's Health, Dan Slater shares how his girlfriend's miscarriage gave him relief and helped him out of a doomed relationship.

"All my life a fear of failure had fueled me forward. If there was ever a trial worth overcoming, or worth not failing, then this one--the proposition of fatherhood--was it. My idealized self was at stake. So I gathered myself up, thanks to an instinctive paralysis in the face of crisis, or my own kind of acting. Somewhere in the fog of this emotional middle ground--not wholly insincerely, but far from genuinely -- I took Daisy in my arms like the protector I longed to be, and we prepared to become parents."

It's admirable he wanted to stick by her and do the right thing, but should an unplanned pregnancy seal your fate for 18+ years with your partner – love her or not? Is being tied to someone because of your sense of duty, not love, the best thing a father-to-be should do? We’re interested to hear what you think.