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Safe, Free Web Surfing for Kids

If your kid needs to do online research on manatees for a science project, or just wants to watch the funny YouTube video all the kids at school are talking about, you’re going to have to let him surf the web. But giving kids free range of the internet leaves us with a creepy feeling. (There are videos and pics out there that we don't even think we are mature enough to see.) 

You could just watch your kid’s every move as he surfs (or add that to our list of new year's resolutions that will never, ever happen). Or, now there’s a second, easier option: download, a free browser just for kids, with games, YouTube and music videos, pictures and info you won’t mind your kid seeing. It's not just some created-for-kid online cul-de-sac, it's real stuff from the real internet that just so happens to be safe for them. It’s easy to use, and everything's been vetted by KidZui's editorial staff, teachers, and parents like you, so it's like you’re there with your kids at every click of the mouse.   

Download KidZui for free here.