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Should Preschoolers Wear Uniforms?


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that preschool uniforms are on the rise, pointing to an increase in little-kid styles from several uniform manufacturers. It's not just in the numbers, either. Teachers and parents are signing their young children up for uniform dress. 

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Some moms and dads say uniforms make getting dressed in the morning easier and that it usually costs less than other clothing. Daycare directors and teachers say it makes the classroom more professional and that uniforms tell kids, "This isn't playtime, this is school now." 

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I am staunchly against school uniforms for preschoolers. They're like reading the Sunday funnies in black and white. I think it’s important it is to have the freedom to express yourself with your clothes, especially when, as a toddler, you don't exactly have the freedom to do whatever you want. 

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But then again, uniforms simplify things. And my coworker Jess comes to work about once a week with a story of how her 4-year-old daughter insisted on wearing a pink princess gown and veil to school, or how she lost it because she can't wear her dress in a 35-degree snowstorm. Uniforms would save her a lot of time and arguing, if she could actually convince her daughter to wear them. 

I see both sides, so I made a pros and cons chart (see below) on My chart tells me uniforms are a good idea. But I am still not convinced. Do you wish your preschooler wore school uniforms? Would it make life easier or harder?