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Maxi Pads for Eight-Year-Olds? Yikes!

Kotex has created a new line of maxi pads and liners called U by Kotex Tween, aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds. And while targeting such a young market might shock you, Kotex isn't crazy; the company is just responding to new research indicating this product might be, in fact, necessary. After all, girls are getting their periods younger and younger—in America 15% reach puberty by age 7. 

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U by Kotex Tween pads are 18% shorter and narrower than regular Kotex pads, come in glittery boxes, and feature stars and heart décor. A site for the mini-maxis,, urges moms to pick a date soon to have the talk with their young daughters, and of course to buy U by Kotex Tween. Another area of the site,, lets visitors share their first period stories. (And if any of these stories are like mine, the sub-site will be an embarrassing, uncomfortable, sad, and overly-dramatic read.) 

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I actually was pretty upset when I got my first period, and I’m not sure hearts and stars would have helped. But I wouldn't mind having hearts and stars on my maxi pads now. Why do 8-year-olds get to have all the fun? 

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Have you had the period talk with your young daughters? Would you buy these products for your tween?