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Today’s the Day to Stop Using the R Word

In honor of Spread the Word to End the Word day, Ellen at Love that Max is doing something brave. She's tweeting people who use the word "retard" to let them know it's derogatory and hurtful to people with disabilities. And because, unfortunately, so many people use the r-word, often without malicious intent, it's a huge job. Plus: 8 Discipline Mistakes Parents Make 

Read about her victories and challenges, from people who sincerely apologize ("oops so maybe i won't say that anymore") to those who come back at her swinging ("Simply put, you are preaching, I don't give a @#$% if it's demeaning, go @#$% yourself"—that one, from a person whose bio reads "My words make a difference in this world.") Plus: Ridiculous Parenting Products 

And let's agree, if we do use the r-word, even just jokingly, to stop cold turkey. It's a hurtful word to kids and their families, and we can all do better. And if you feel like going the extra mile, sign the pledge to make it official and become a fan of the movement on Facebook. Plus: The Best Books to Read With Your Kids