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Tom Hanks In: Ms. Ultimate Sexy Baby

Need a little laugh today? We sure do. Plus: Totally Weird Baby Products 

This video of Tom Hanks spoofing Toddlers and Tiaras will totally do the trick. If you don’t already adore Tom Hanks, you’ll really love him now. Watch as he poses as a pageant dad trying to help his daughter Sophie win "Ms. Ultimate Sexy Baby." Plus: The LOL Guide to Your Toddler 

You may want to hang through 2:31, where he does some sexy pageant walking, 3:28 ("You look just like a Bratz doll!"), and 4:49 when Hanks is dancing in the audience with Sophie on stage to Poison's "Talk Dirty To Me." ("Poison is Sophie's favorite 1980 hair band.") Oh, and Ron Howard makes an appearance at the end, and at 6:15 he definitely uses the humongous Ms. Ultimate Sexy Baby trophy as a toy guitar. Okay, enough from me! Watch it for yourself and enjoy! Plus: 23 Hot Celebrity Dads